Mariah & Chris
Mick Kollins was fantastic! We had done our research and he was one of the first things we booked! He worked with us all the way! His packages are amazing! Perfect priced (WAY better than here in the states) and the quality was outstanding! We had a CD put to video done with music, a photo book, several large pictures and a full CD of all of our pics! He stayed with us the entire day!! He even drove me (the bride) to the beach for the wedding, we had over 25 people with us, so the car situation was tricky! After the quick wedding on the beach, we spent the rest of the day on a sailboat, all you can eat and drink! Mick came with us! He took pics the entire time! We went to a special island that you can only get to by boat, and the captain boated the bride/groom and parents in (with Mick of course) and we did lots of shots on the beach! Then our final shot was my husband and I jumping off the boat in our wedding attire! Mick orchestrated all of it! He was in the dingy boat with the captain and took pics of us doing the jump! He was fantastic!... Mariah & Chris